Green Code Label

Why we think it is important?

_Because measuring the carbon footprint of a digital campaign enables to become aware of its environmental impact.

_Because reducing the impact of your digital communication allows to make progress together towards a more sustainable economy.

_Because certifying your communication will highlight your efforts towards a responsible communication.

_Because social and climate issues are at present inescapable, we can have a positive impact.



in a granular manner the energy consumption of your digital activations.



the carbon footprint of your media plans.



for a better awareness around the environmental impact of digital advertising.

How to reduce your environmental impact?

A trusted third party

To measure your advertising campaigns carbon footprint and provide analysis, insights and recommendations to reduce your media plans carbon emissions.

Sustainable KPI’s

Get an environmental KPI which is really activable without affecting your media performance.

Evaluate your potential

A program to establish a roadmap for responsible communication.


« Data traffic is responsible for over half the worldwide digital energy impact. This traffic is currently growing by 25% per year.»

How is environmental measure useful?

3,5 t of CO2 reduced

They reduced their impact

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