Green Code Label

Why we think it is important?

_Because measuring the carbon footprint of a digital campaign enables to become aware of its environmental impact.

_Because identifying more responsible communication solutions allows to make progress together towards a more sustainable economy.

_Because offsetting your carbon emissions is a practical action to reduce your environmental impact.

_Because certifying your communication will highlight your efforts towards a sustainable communication.

_Because social and climate issues are at present inescapable, we can have a positive impact.

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in a granular manner the energy consumption of your digital activations.



the carbon footprint of your media plans.



your CO2 emissions in order to be as carbon-neutral as possible.

How to reduce your environmental impact?

A trusted third party

To measure your advertising campaigns carbon footprint and provide analysis, insights and recommendations to reduce your media plans carbon emissions.

The label

A labeling program which allows to assess your environmental efforts and performance.

A compensation partner

To associate with certified and measurable projects to inset or offset your communication.
Impact+ manages and monitors compensation program.

« Data traffic is responsible for over half the worldwide digital energy impact. This traffic is currently growing by 25% per year.»

How is environmental measure useful?

1,67 t of CO2 reduced

They reduced their impact

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